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6 Reasons to Love AppKey

Hey, Android developers, want more revenue and happier users? Tired of iOS making all the money? Let AppKey's free approach monetize the non-paying 99% of your user base.

How AppKey Works

  1. Gem Gem

    Developer locks a premium app feature with the AppKey SDK (40k-integrates in minutes)

  2. Gem Gem

    User unlocks the feature by clicking "Get AppKey" (instead of being asked to make an in-app purchase)

  3. Gem Gem

    Permission-based AppKey lock screen is installed on the user's phone (separate download from your app)

  4. Gem Gem

    AppKey pays you 80% of all revenue

  5. Gem Gem

    If multiple AppKey-enabled apps are used, revenue paid by % of usage

  6. Gem Gem

    Use AppKey exclusively...or use it with existing in-app purchases and ads as a supplemental strategy

Current partners

Android monetization has always been tough compared to other channels, and promises made by ad companies were hard to materialize. AppKey's fresh approach gave both new & existing users something to engage with and the results have been great. I really appreciate the AppKey team's no bullshit attitude and focus on overall app revenue (ads + IAP).

-- Alex Bortoluzzi, Xoobis

AppKey rocked our user ratings. The out-of-app approach is far less annoying than the interstitials that were generating 1-star reviews from pissed off users. We used their Unity plugin to unlock a single existing vitual good as an incentive, so the integration effort was trivial. Our users love the free race car and we love the incremental revenue stream.

-- Dave Wheeler, ThumbBlade


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